All Tech


St Jame's Gate, Dublin 2


Pearse Lyon's Distillery / 800 sqm

St.James Church was opened in 1859 to the design of Joseph Welland, architect to the Select Vestry. It was deconsecrated in 1960s and was in use as a cash and carry and laterally a Lighting Showrooms.

The interiors were converted with little regard to its original grandeur and the Church Spire was removed in the 1940s as it was in a dangerous condition. Alltech acquired the church and an adjacent building on James St. They are restoring the church, the Spire and converting the building to a visitor centre and Distillery.

Alltech are a global science based company developing and producing products in animal, human and plant nutrition, spread across 123 countries. It's founder Dr. Pearse Lyons has a background in distilling.