Cyril McGuire


Sandyford, Dublin


South County / 26,500 sqm

The re-configuration of the Leopardstown Roundabout and the new access road to South County Business Park bisects our client’s site, and creates a new aspect and gateway to the South County Business Park. The existing office buildings on the applicant’s site, either side of the new access road, are the oldest in the estate, and while cutting edge at their time of construction some 30 years ago, are now quite dilapidated and not commercially relevant to current market needs.
The brief from our client was to create new buildings in place of this old stock, to the extent permitted under the current Sandyford Urban Framework Plan which will clearly identify and establish the Gateway to South County Business Park, a district which houses world class companies often involved in the IT business, and which will be home to Microsoft’s new HQ.