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Infirmary Road

The main objective in our design response to Dublin City Council’s brief for a community of 200 housing units, on the former St Brichin’s Infirmary and Army Barracks site, was to develop a sustainable living environment with a strong and unique sense of place, which contributes to and engages with the established residential communities in the area.

A number of residential block typologies were examined to achieve within a three to six storey limit, the density and mix required. Generators of the design proposal included the enclosure provided by the listed cut stone perimeter wall and defined entry points, the terraced site and listed Isolation Hospital with its strong cruciform plan. The Isolation Hospital enjoys a commanding position on the upper tier of the site. It will accommodate a Crèche, Restaurant and Community Resource Centre, providing an important interface with established residential communities of Infirmary Road and O’Devaney Gardens.

Michael McNamara

Infirmary Road, Dublin

Residential Development / 25,000 sqm
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