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Tancabesti New Town

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The site of 107ha is located 25km north of Bucharest, off the DN1 motorway. Located on Scrovistea Lake, the green field site contains internal lake reed beds & associated wild life. Otopeni International Airport is 12km south, Peris Train Station is 6km west.

The master plan developed by Think Place creates four neighborhoods, delineated by existing site features. Neighborhoods are supported by shops and community facilities. They are set out along a meandering public avenue which acts as the main transport route, linking the new town with railway station and motorway. The first neighborhood comprising 484 detached, semi-detached and terraced house types, shops and community facilities has been progressed by TOTP to local planning approval. The house types have been designed to be constructed from prefabricated pods in varying combinations.

ARCL Property Development

Tancabesti, Romania

Tancabesti Residential Development / 1,050,000 sqm
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